At The SnowGoat we train a varied group of athletes.  The training methods used have been molded by training countless athletes for over a decade.  The methodology has and will evolve.  We do things because they work.

A majority of training time will be spent doing your sport.  If you are a runner, you will run, if you are a climber then you will climb.  This will be layered will appropriate doses of focused strength work in the gym and directed mobility.

See below to see if you fit into the type of athlete we work with.

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Mountain/Adventure Sports

This is a big category and includes climbers, alpinists, ski mountaineers, free skiers, vol big paragliders, kayakers and more.  The methods used here will vary widely depending on the sport.  At the core we will push you to do your sport.  The farther away from the goal the more emphasis will be put on general fitness and strength.  Closer to the goal or event more time will be spent actually doing the sport.  Those sports with a bigger emphasis on endurance (alpinism, ski mountaineering) will work to establish a big aerobic engine and will add doses of strength work and power development.  Those sports that are more power focused can expect to spend more time building strength, power, and the ability to go all out when needed.

Endurance Sports

Our endurance programming takes into account your chosen sport, distance, terrain and other issues.  There are no shortcuts.  We build a solid base through Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) training.  Appropriate doses of speed and intensity are added according to the needs of your goal.  Our athletes will also put some time in the gym and will be expected to squat, lunge, deadlift in addition to accessory movements.  Our goal with the strength work is to provide durability, athleticism and injury prevention.  You can read more about Strength Training for Endurance Athletes here.

Obstacle Course Racing

Our programming for OCR will vary depending on desired race length and or type of event.  The base of all OCR programming will be a solid development of an acerbic base.   As the athlete gets closer to race season we will work to improve speed, uphill performance, and general strength.  Focused work in the gym will be directed at improving upper body strength, grip and durability.